So, I finally have got around to putting a blog together. On here you will find a mix of painting, sculpting and a bit of my other hobby - photography. Most of my painting is done for Perry miniatures, either for their website or their personal armies. The sculpting is usually for myself, but I do occationally have some time for freelance work.
Updated often, so check back soon!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Friday, 25 May 2012

Plastic Mounted Men at Arms

I painted these a couple of weeks ago, but I have only just got around to photographing them! I tried to paint a little variety in the armour, with some of the armour unpolished (black) and others highly polished (which would have been incredibly expensive!). I also tried out some new methods for painting horses that I have been working on, I am quite pleased with how these turned out.
The last photo is a unit of light cavalry made by just using the liveried men at arms in the box with various open faced helmets from the infantry sets.