So, I finally have got around to putting a blog together. On here you will find a mix of painting, sculpting and a bit of my other hobby - photography. Most of my painting is done for Perry miniatures, either for their website or their personal armies. The sculpting is usually for myself, but I do occationally have some time for freelance work.
Updated often, so check back soon!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Napoleonic Russian Grenadiers

For Alan Perry's collection

Plastic British Hussars

For Alan Perry's collection

Hungarian Fusiliers

For Alan Perry's collection

28mm Aztec priest

 I did intend to do a range, but I dont think I can dedicate the time to doing it any more, and I dont fancy running another miniatures company for a while... Sold to

Actual size

Fantasy piece

Just finished this one to see if I could sculpt in this style. He's The usual large 28/32mm.
Nightmare to photograph! Sold to

 Roughly actual size

Carlist war, French Foreign Legion

For Michael Perry's collection

Burgundian pike. crossbow and handgun

For Michael Perry's collection

Human Ancestors

Two figures I have done for myself, I hope to get the whole family tree done. Both lived around 2mya, shared their habitat with 6 other of our ancestors and were highly successful. 

 First is Paranthropus Boisei, or "nutcracker man". Not many remains have been found, but we know that like gorillas that the species was very sexualy dimorphic. They walked upright, but did not have opposable thumbs. Although not a direct ancestor, they were very closely related to us. 

Next is Homo Habilis (handy man). They are a direct ancestor of modern man and were the first to use have opposable thumbs and use tools. They walked upright, but lacked buttocks (which enable running) and would have had a different gait to us. Ive made him quite hairy as the reduction of body hair is linked to the ability to run.  

These may be available at some point... I'll be sure to post when they are!

Perry Miniatures Sudanese Ansar

For Michael Perry's collection
 40 plastic Sudanese late war ansar. See how I painted the skin here