So, I finally have got around to putting a blog together. On here you will find a mix of painting, sculpting and a bit of my other hobby - photography. Most of my painting is done for Perry miniatures, either for their website or their personal armies. The sculpting is usually for myself, but I do occationally have some time for freelance work.
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Friday, 30 March 2012

28mm Aztec priest

 I did intend to do a range, but I dont think I can dedicate the time to doing it any more, and I dont fancy running another miniatures company for a while... Sold to

Actual size


  1. I followed the link to the people you sold him to. I couldn't find him for sale anywhere on their page, which saddens me because I have been looking for pretty much this exact model for a couple years off and on. Now I have found him and I can't get him :( Your minis look great though!

    1. Paymaster Games is planning to release him this winter with thier Native American based Wargame this winter.